The parking lot salesman sells his stock
from the inside of a coat, and wears his
job out on his arm. Sooowat!

The clouds cover the sky, still the Madame
says the stars line up with some planet
and my future is bright. Sooowat!

The anchor weighs the news that all the
nation needs to see; death, violence, and
the President is on the TV. Sooowat!

Michael Jackson sells Nth billion album and Liz
Taylor has a new man. A court has declared
Elvis is officially croaked. Sooowat!

Stocks go up or down, and junk bonds are
thrown away. Municipal bonds are tax-free,
and T-bills are the thing. Sooowat!

Old-time religions are going out, the new-
fangled evangelists are in, and Catholics are
holding on to their God. Sooowat!

Rap music has become state-of the-art, and
pop music is losing air from it’s balloon.
Now the country is country. Sooowat!

The weatherman says there’s not much of
a chance of rain, and the weekend holiday
will be a reason for a good time. Sooowat!

The ad says this cleaner is supposed to be
the best, and that car can perform every
consumer-demanded test. Sooowat!

A bearded man in a hat looks for a job on
the corner of the intersection, holding a
“homeless” card in his hands. Sooowat!

All I need is took keep my car working,
make sure I get to my job on time today,
and keep my wife and kids. That’s wat!

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