Meet the Members of Lambda Sigma Chi

Meet the Members of Lambda Sigma Chi

If the information on the Boys of Lambda Sigma Chi is hard to locate, find all about the current members here and see their photos.



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Our History

In my first year of college at Ball State University, I got to know a group of writers and poets that pledged to keep in touch and maintain each of the talents. To make it “unofficial,” we decided to create an unchartered fraternity called Lambda Sigma Chi. We do, however, have a secret handshake and code of honor. It has one chapter and the the six original members are still alive and corresponding with our creative writing.  Throughout this month, I’ll introduce the other members of Lambda Sigma Chi and selections of their poetry along with their backgrounds of where they are now and what they have been doing the last 25 or so years. The other brothers are Adrian Parker, Bill Kelso, Paul Abernathy, C.J. Chatham III, Rufus McDougal and Christopher Benedict. Go Lambda Sigs.

Editors Note: There really is a Lambda Sigma Chi organization, a national service sorority. However, there are no chapters of this organization listed with Greek organizations at Ball State University. So the boys and I will keep on going, like we have the past 30 or so years, with all respect for the real Greek group. We just want to share our writings.

Elias Tobias


There is another file that has information about his guy. Get it the short version here, and even more with this link. There are other photos of me around, too, but not in this cool t-shirt.

Karen Ladonnavich

For the first time in its history, the unofficial Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity at the World of words by Elias Tobias has included a woman in its ranks. Karen Ladonnavich, a real estate executive and manager for a major real estate company with an office in Peoria, Ill., was admitted as of July 1, 2018,
She was sponsored by LSC brother Adrian Parker who has established himself as a major contributor to the website, and with this nomination, has suggested the all-male fraternity has become more like a professional or honorary type of fraternity. Parker argued that if the boy scouts can allow girls in cub scouts and females in that organization’s leadership, then the Lambda Sigma Chi’s could include a qualified female.
Parker and Ladonnavich are members of a Peoria -area chapter of an organization called BNI, that stands for Businesses Networking International, which thrives on its members referring business to each other, and the referrals are measured in dollars. Over the years, the homes Ladonnavich has sold were sometimes insured by Parker’s business, and Parker brought her new clients as well. As members, they got to know each other as friends and he discovered her hobby of writing poetry. After a review of her work and other later discussions, Parker made a formal nomination to include her as a member of the unofficial Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity.

Tony Gonzales

Antonio “Tony” Alejandro Martin Gonzales

Antonio “Tony” Alejandro Martin Gonzales

Antonio “Tony” Alejandro Martin Gonzales is the newest and 13th member to be part of the Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity. He is an executive with a tortilla factory owned by his family-third generation management in Carrizozo, New Mexico.. He is 37 years old, and married for 15 years with a-family of three children.

Tony’s grandfather, Martin, started a restaurant, Al Caballero (The Horseman) with his grandmother in early 1950s using her mother’s recipe for tortillas at the restaurant after Martin returned from military service in World War II and businesses was good.  Soon other restaurants came, but the place became known for its tortillas, so they started just making tortillas as a small business for other restaurants who didn’t make their own, including franchises.  The company’s logo is a horse rider.

Business has grown into a factory employing up to 450 people and has an average, $8 million gross each year. Forty percent of  their market goes to local supermarkets, and 60 percent to wholesale markets such as restaurant and foods processors who make precooked Mexican meals.  Tony started working in factory while in his youth and while going to college, moved into lower management,  and  now he is an executive with the company.

Tony is sponsored by LSC member Christopher Benedict, who learned of Gonzales’ writing skills as an editor of a book publishing company.  Benedict is a former journalist, and suggested Tony become part of LSC.  The invitation was accepted, all members voted unanimously for induction into the unofficial organization.

Alexander Michael Dunbar

Alexander Michael Dunbar
Meet Alexander Michael Dunbar, the 12th and newest member of the unofficial Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity of writers created by Elias Tobias, and he joins a group with diverse backgrounds and creative influences.  Alexander has been writing for years, but never had anything published, so this is a big leap for a 66-year-old man who is used to working and taking care of his family.
He sent a few of his poems to the Elias Tobias World of Words to be published and I noticed his style was very similar to those of the rest of the members of the LSC fraternity.  I invited Alexander to join and he heartedly accepted, and then he sent a life’s work of poems in a portfolio.  His nomination was approved by the rest of the group and Alexander is officially a member of LSC.
Alexander Michael Dunbar has lived all his life in Duluth. Minnesota, the fourth generation of German immigrants to the area, and he grew up working on the docks at the port until he became an apprentice brick layer.  He has since retired as a master mason, and he is involved in his church activities as well as his family, two boys and three girls, all of whom are married  and supply Alexander the title as grandparent and great-grand parent titles several times over.  Unfortunately, he lost his wife of 35 years to cancer, and with a life of joys and sorrows, his poetry reflects those joys and sorrows.

Adrian Parker


Adrian Parker was a business major. He wanted to start his own business, and became a high successful independent insurance agent in Peoria, Ill. Was married, divorced and has remarried with two children from 1st marriage and one from the second. The second wife has custody of her three boys.

Bill Kelso


Bill Kelso finished pre law at Ball State, and attended Yale University. He had a private practice, but then has since become a government lawyer for the last 15 years. Lives in Winchester, Va.  Much of his work is classified, but enjoys the single life after a brief marriage after law school and he has no kids.

Paul Abernathy


Rev. Paul Abernathy, one of the fraternity’s founders  will be starting a column, “All Things Considered,” in January as part of the World of Words this year.  His columns will appear on Saturday of each week, if the copy comes in on time. A person would not believe what he is into now if he or she would have seen him 20 years ago, but now he has been a music minister at a church in Tacoma, Washington, for 12 years, after getting his ministers license. He enjoys being with children and youth. He should because, he and his wife, Diana, have two of their own, a boy and a girl.

Rufus McDougal


Rufus McDougal, a foreign exchange student from Scotland, majoring in the environment and natural resources. Now he is the big “Think Green” person in a small town near Belfast,  Ireland, where he serves as a consultant for local and international companies in environmental  construction practices and techniques,  and efficient and energy options.

C.J. Chatham III


C.J. Chatham III, a business major made millions on the stock market and has his own firm in Long Island, New York. He is not married , but has a fun time being rich and single, although the current stock market conditions have kept him busy to stay in that profession.

Christopher Benedict


Christopher Benedict went to work for a newspaper in Waco, Texas. He got married and has stayed with the same company for the past 25 years. He has stayed married and is looking forward for retirement, but may work for a book publishing house as an editor.

Karl Dobson


Karl Dobson, one of the newest members of the Boys of Lambda Sigma Chi. Dobson, was nominated by his friend, Brother Adrian Parker.  Karl started out as a journalist, and after graduation from BSU in 1979, went from small town papers to being a medical reporter for 10 years.  He was so into helping people that he decided to become a healer, first as a nurse and now as a physician’s assistant, the closest thing be actually being an M.D.  I suspect the lower pay in journalism may have contributed as a motive to a second career. The moves to Karl’s current position lead him on a journey to several towns and cities in several states, and Adrian lost contact. Through the World of Words by Elias Tobias, and a popular social network on the Internet, they found each other with Karl landing in Texas. He is working in Austin making  the big bucks. Karl presented a portfolio of poetry forwarded by Adrian.

Brian Kohut

Brian Kohut is sponsored by Brother C.J. Chatham, III. Kohut has worked with him on several occasions on a professional level. Kohut is from New Jersey, but now has office in Philadelphia. Pa., for last 18 or so years. He was in the U.S. Army with a Special Forces unit after high school and in military service for about 16 years, until an injury in Bosnia shattered his right knee and he was honorably discharged.  Much of his past is classified, but he went to a community college and earned Associates Degree, on G.I. Bill for Criminal Investigations while he worked security for several firms.  Kohut received his Private Investigator’s license and began his business.  He has since gone on to get a masters degree in criminology.
Kohut is a health advocate, like exercises- especially. Bicycling and also skiing. He met C.J.  Chatham at a vacation while skiing in Vermont in 2006. Kohut likes to cook, especially making healthy meals lower in fat and carbs from older favorite recipes.  Kohut likes cooking shows for this reason and has taken a few classes to be a better cook.  Also likes wine, in moderation.
Kohut is divorced, and has one child, a teenage daughter, who has lived with him past three years. Daughter, Dalia (DOB 1994) was in mother’s custody for one year.  Brian met Stephanie , his wife, when he was recuperating from knee surgery (1991-92) and then both of them were going to the same community college. They married in 1993 after knowing each other for one year.  They divorced in 2005 after 12 years of marriage.  The time spent with his job took its toll on the union.

Levi Jacobs 

levi-jacobs.JPG Levi Jacobs is a funeral director and main partner in Jacobs and Son Funeral Home in a Central Texas town. It’s a third generation business that he inherited from his father and is teaching his only surviving son, Michael, the trade.  He is an honest, faithful and professional businessman who had another son, David, who was learning the biz, but died in an accident in 2008 while at Texas A&M University.

Jacob’s father, Joseph, was in the U.S. Army during WW II as a medic based in San Antonio when he was discharged.  He met woman of German descent named Lydia and got married. He moved to Kerrville, near Fredericksburg, after he married and settled down. He used what service had taught him, in medical field, to start the family business. His only son, Levi, was born.  They grew up there, and married Etta, short for Marietta, and they had two sons. Joseph died unexpectedly in 2007. His mother continues to work at the business and is the corporation’s CEO and Board Chairman, and Etta works in accounting department at family business.

Jacobs’ membership  was sponsored by Christopher Benedict , who was attending a friends’ funeral in late February, 2010, at Jacobs and sons.  Levi, a poet whose main theme is celebrating life, recognized Christopher Benedict as LSC member from the Web blog, World of words, and Levi showed him some of his work. Interested,   Benedict decided to sponsor Levi as a candidate.  A three member committee, E.T., Bill Kelso and Karl Dobson, conducted a background search and interview.  The candidate was confirmed, and the LSC group voted as a whole to add him as another brother, thus establishing policy for further memberships.

Kyle Morgan Stewart

Kyle Morgan Stewart
Kyle Morgan Stewart is the 11th member of the unofficial fraternity Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity, a group of writers associated with Elias Tobias from a variety of professions and backgrounds.

Kyle is 58 years old, and a retired commercial pilot having worked 30 years for two major companies through various corporate mergers.  He is a veteran of the United States Air Force serving 10 years as a pilot. He left the armed service to get married, and live a more civilian lifestyle.  His GI bill benefits afforded him and his family a new house and training to get his commercial pilot’s license.  It was a start of a career that meant more training as required by law to keep up with new planes and technology.

He presently lives in Indianapolis, IN, the same city as his daughter, Denise, lives.  He said he and his wife, Gigi, like the city most of all the places he worked, they like the changes in seasons, and most of all are close to their grandchildren.

Klye was sponsored into the fraternity by Elias Tobias after Denise began reading the Poem of the Day tweets of Twitter.  She was advised by one of her friends to check out the World of Words by Elias Tobias.  Denise was aware that her father is quite a poet, but it was a personal hobby only those near to him knew about…until she contacted the website.  She had talked her father to contribute a poem or two. It started there and more poems were read, until he was nominated to join the unofficial fraternity.  After the usual time to get the busy members to vote on the choice, the path was as cleared for Kyle’s landing in September.

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