ArtBrushed Photo Gallery

artbrushedlogo1.jpg Photo Gallery

Through the magic of technology and computers, the World of Words by Elias Tobias presents a portfolio of ArtBrushed images that originated as digital photographs by Mike Hall.  You save the entire image to your computer, and use the ArtBrushed photo for wallpaper or the screensaver.  You can print it and frame it, too. Just click on the image on this page and and choose the “Save photo as” option when you right click again.  You name it. You can use it.  Then find the “main page” link on the right side of the page to go back to the main page. Enjoy the tour.


abandonedlighthouseart.jpg  Abandoned Lighthouse

tiger-liliy-closeupartbrushed.jpg  Eye of the Tiger

another-buttrflyart.jpg  Butterfly Landing

autumn-leaves-art.jpg  Autumn Leaves

beach3art.jpg  Rushing Tide

home-grown-tomatoes.jpg  Home Grown Tomatoes

beach6art.jpg Gull at Sunrise

blueridgeart.jpg  Blue Ridge Mountains

brownsville-sunsetart.jpg  Brownsville Sunset

butterfly2art.jpg  Butterfly on Bright Day

bytheseaart.jpg Visit to Virginia Beach

corpus-christi-gardensart.jpg  Meditation Pond

covered-bridgeart.jpg  Covered Bridge

dayflowerart.jpg Day Flower

gardenpathart.jpg Garden Path

girlwalkingonbeachart.jpg Girl Walking on Beach

ducks-in-rowart.jpg Ducks in a Row

harborart.jpg  Safe Harbor

houseonhillart.jpg  House on a Hill

lake1art.jpg Duck on Water

misspeachesart.jpg  Miss Peaches

mail-pouchart.jpg  Mail Pouch Barn

surfersart.jpg  Surfers on Virgina Beach

indianaleavesart.jpg  Leaf Collection

cowboyportraitart.jpg  Cowboy Portrait

firstsnow3art.jpg  First Big Snow

old40-hillsart.jpg Hiills of Virginia

daffydillsart.jpg  Daffodils in Spring

fireworksart.jpg  Fourth of July

hot-chilisart.jpg  Fire Hot Chilis

wildflower2art.jpg  Field of Texas Wildflowers

fallart1.jpg  Fall’s Promise

fall-treeand-lakeart.jpg Lakeview in Fall

splitrail-fence.jpg Split Rail Fence

wildflower5art.jpg Wildflower Garden

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