Eye to Eye

Editor’s Note: I tried to write something for Valentine’s Day this year, and this is a start of something.

Eye to Eye

repeating musical rhythm track)
(words are spoken)
I thought I was the only one you called your man,
working every day to carry out a plan, and
I try real hard to make you happy as I can,
but this is hard for me to really understand.
I want to do more than just hold your hand.

(repeating musical rhythm track)
(words are spoken)
I heard from friends you were out with another guy,
and then you denied it with what some call a lie.
You know I will love you until the day I die,
but all I want to know is why, why, why?
I want us to keep our love stay eye to eye.

(repeating musical rhythm track)
(words are spoken)
On this very special Valentine’s Day,
I have a special message I want to convey,
even though it’s cloudy and skies are gray.
I would like you know I want you to stay,
even though it’s hard to believe what you say.

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