ArtBrushed Photo Puzzles

artbrushedlogo1.jpg  Photo Puzzles

The ArtBrushed photos have not only been transformed into a water color work. They are now photo puzzles, too.
Chose which photo puzzle you want to start below and click on the photo to get started.
Once at the particular post, click on the photo so you can see the whole ArtBrushed photo before you start the puzzle. You may want to print it before starting the puzzle.
Then click on the words “CLICK HERE”  in that post to get to the puzzle. Once done, use the back arrows at the top of the page to come back to the World of Words by Elias Tobias site for more.

buggy-daisyswatercolor.JPG   ArtBrushed Watercolors-Photo Puzzle 1

licenseplatepuzzle.JPG  ArtBrushed Watercolors-Photo Puzzle 2

marylandmountrains-watercolorpic.jpg  ArtBrushed Watercolors-Photo Puzzle 3

firstsnow2art.jpg  ArtBrushed Water color- Photo Puzzle 4

oldfashionedchristmastree2.JPG  ArtBrushed Water Color Photo Puzzle 5

fortbensnow.JPG ArtBrushed Water Color Photo 6

swallowtail-watercolor.jpg ArtBrushed Water Color 7

monarch-watercolor.jpg ArtBrushed Water Color 8

whitebloomwatercolor.jpg ArtBrushed Water Color 9

wildflower-watercolor.jpg  ArtBrushed Water Color Photo 10

deereaglecreek.JPG  ArtBrushed Photo Puzzle 11

painttiger-lillies20121.JPG  Art Brushed Photo Puzzle 12

Kx ArtBrushed Water Color Photo 13

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