Father’s Day poem

For all the fathers, past and present
on Father’s day June 17, 2018

Elias Tobias

Father’s Day poem

This Father’s day poem is hard to write.
I want it to be classy, witty, and bright.
I want it to be different, original and new,
not a store-bought poem for many “you’s”.
I want it to have meaning for all time,
and somehow have a sense of rhyme.
I want it to reflect an image of the past,
an image that is real, positive and has
implied a note of thanks for things learned.
Even with mistakes, bridges are not burned.
Hundreds of poems grew from my imagination,
a few have been honored with publication.
They come easy; my fingers just type.
But this one is special; it has to be right.
Sometimes words get in the way of what
my heart really would like to like to say.
So here, Dad, is a poem for your Father’s Day.


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