July Newsletter


Newsletter for the World of Words by Elias Tobias

Celebrate the Fourth of July
flag-animation.GIF One third of the summer is gone, and I’m not sure where it went. One thing is for sure, though, and that is July is a time to celebrate not just summer, but the founding of theUnited States of America.  Fly the flag on the Fourth of July, and while you enjoy fireworks that day,  remember those who have fought to make sure this country remains what it is and can be in the future.

camera-flash-animation.GIF Summer of Fun 

The theme for the remaining two months at the World of Words by Elias Tobias is Summer of Fun. Words and photos will illustrate this theme, and readers are invited to send their summer snapshots via e-mail with basic caption information, and published with the new Summer Snapshots logo by sending pictures to The World of Words at eliastobias2002(at)yahoo(dot)com.

reading-animation.GIF Books available
The World of Words is set up to be more than just another poetry blog.  Poems and photographs put together in electronic books.  Look on the right side of the page and  see the categories. The titles include: Love Notes, Figments of My Reality, 99% Fat FreeElias-Brand Poetry, My 60 Favorite Poems, Color My World and Grace and Glory.

As an added bonus, most of the poems in the Love Notes have audio tracks so thatyou can hear Elias Tobias read the poems aloud. That’s cool. Also under the category heading are other choices like free poetry writing tips,  Poems of the Month and easy access to all the monthly Exponent newsletters.
iplexchange-logo.jpg International Poetry Link Exchange

To be a success in any venture, it helps to know people, the insiders. The new International Poetry Link Exchange at the World of Words by Elias Tobias may help those promising poets the initial exposure needed. Thousands of people around the world have their own poetry blogs or Web sites.

Most cable companies or providers that provide Internet service have a part of the service which allows customers to create at least one personal web site. Independent hosts have free or low cost web site opportunities what are create to be poetry Web site.

This page is dedicated as an international poetry link exchange to create a network of links for those who have poetry Web site or other link exchanges.  Readers are offered a free opportunity to have other appropriate links on this Web blog in exchange for placing a link for the World of Words by Elias Tobias on their Web blog or site. This Exchange is a companion page to the existing Poetry Links Page on the World of Words at eliastobias.net.
To get started with the International Poetry Link Exchange, all that needs to be done is simply send an e-mail to eliastobias2002(at)yahoo(dot)com,and request a link exchange.

Include your name, and the name of the site along with the link to be exchanged.  Also include at attachments of art, photos, or logos to go along with the exchange link.  The site will be checked out, and if approved, will be posted on the Exchange page by clicking here. That’s it, except to post the link on the other Web blog or site once the site is on the Exchange page.

write_on.jpg  Poem of the Month

Ancient Curse

While I was making a sand castle on a summer day,
I found a foreign looking bottle.

Eager to see through the glass,
I wiped the sand away, and then a
strange bearded man appeared before me.
He said I was his master, and I had three wishes.
For each of them I wished for three more,
and from each of  those, I wish for three more.
I stopped my sand castle to make a list
of wishes in the order to achieve
material success in life, and he agreed.

Then he told me a story of how he
was once free like me, and then was put
under a spell to serve greedy masters
as an ancient curse centuries old.
I asked if he had amazing powers,
why was he still held captive to his soul.
It was written in the Rules of the Sand
his abilities were never violated.
Those who tried paid the price, he said.
He had to use his powers for others.

I used my last wish on my list to
Set him free to be himself, and he walked away.

To read this poem in Spanish, click here.

Path to the Cross

Here are two more poems that will help lead believers to Jesus. 

Solid  Ground

I know I’m not making the scene,
but I’m living my own dreams.
Changing my ways was a sacrifice,
but I have a whole new life.
I’m on solid ground with Jesus Christ.
I’m living with the God of love.
I know the changes aren’t complete,
but I can stand on my feet.
I know I have expenses to pay,
but my needs are met when I pray.
I’m on solid ground with Jesus Christ.
I’m living with the God of love.

What Miracles

What miracles can grow from an acre of land.
With inventions from the mind, and hard work of the hands,
a garden can be grown to feed a family of five.
What miracles can be built on an acre of land.
Trees will shade a house made of glass, wood and stone.
It is here memories can turn a house into a home.
What miracles can be performed on just an acre of land,
if it’s left wild and alone.
Animals and seasons do their things.
Life will be renewed in the spring.
What miracles can be done for an acre of earth.
My freedoms have been guaranteed by people who
fought and died to protect the land before my birth.
What miracles come from an acre of land.
You just have to look for them. They are precious gifts
from God above and Jesus, who was sent from Heaven.

March Newsletter


Newsletter for the World of Words by Elias Tobias

Easter Celebrationwrite_on1.jpg Easter Celebration

This month brings attention to the Easter celebration, and the Grace and Glory book was started last month to help prepare the way for this event.  Heaven is envisioned in many ways to many people, but the place is real for those who accept the Lord.
Videos getting attention

The several videos made for the World of Words by Eias Tobias are continuing to get exposure on You Tube, with the Mexican Love Song being the most popular with more than 200 views in two months.  This is another way for the Web blog to get the Internet.  For the link, go to the Videos on You Tube page on the right side of the site.  Also see the Next Flight video in the Indianapolis area at www.indytube.tv/elias-tobias.

Free, free, free, free, free

The World of Words by Elias Tobias has several free opportunities for its readers to become part of the web blog.  First, it is very easy to send a comment about any poem on the screen.  Go to the right side of the page and see link to the free poetry first-aid section,  read about the free poetry forum for those those have poems to submit to others to read,  get a free poetry poster, check out links to other poetry Web sites, get free tips about how to get published, take free poetry writing lessons, and even  read a short story that makes for good bed-time entertainment.

Free autographed hand-written copy of your favorite poem

Do you have a favorite poem among the 140 or so poems written by Elias Tobias posted on this Web blog? Just send an e-mail to contact(at)eliastobias(dot)net saying that you want a hand-written copy of your favorite poem from Elias Tobias  and you will get that document along with a personal greeting.

But wait. There’s more! Along with each scribed poem, the reader will receive a free autographed photo of Elias Tobias. The poem will be scanned as a PDF document and the photo send electronically through e-mail. This a limited-time offer.

So go through the Web blog, and pick your favorite Elias Poem. The hand-written copy is a free present to those people who respond. Please choose only one poem per request. As you read the poems, and would like to make any comments, send an e-mail to the Webmaster at the end of each post.

That’s enough news for now.

Elias Tobias

More grace

Some  of my religiously-themed poems are more than 10 years old, but they, like the subject, are still in effect after all these years.

Naked Thoughts

Even with my clothes on,
I ‘m naked before you, Lord.
You know my thoughts before
I think.
You kmow my every move before
I blink.
I pray to make your thoughts mine.
Help me to keep my steps in time
with your forgiveness and grace.
I pray to let my soul’s peace
show by the smile on my face.

Candle in the Dark

He lights the candle in the dark
and the light it sheds goes far.
Farther than any man could see.
It illuminates the path to eternity.
He has walked the journey before.
He was here when the world was born.
Jesus preached of a God of peace,
and that His father was in reach.
He said there was a choice to make.
Live forever with love or die in hate.
Surrender the world as your sacrifice.
Jesus did more. He gave his life.
But He came back to light the candle
in the dark. It was bright as a star.
The light will guide anyone to see
the wisdom, the glory and power eternally.

Just Pray

Make a long d.istance call
without any wires.
It doesn’t cost much to
talk to the Lord.
One operator, Jesus, is a direct line
Which is open anytime of day.
Just pray, and the burden
of your problems
will surely go away.

February newsletter- Blog first anniversary


Newsletter of the World of Words by Elias Tobias

World of Words celebrates first anniversary

The new World of Words by Elias Tobias is one year old this month.  The move from the former static Web site with Tripod  format came to WSI and the poetry Web blob was officially launched Feb. 12, 2007.  Many of the goals have been accomplished.  Audio was started for the Love Notes collection, Next Flight audio was set up, and more poems were added.  More pages were added including Poetry First Aid and more biographical information about Elias Tobias and his wife.

Five videos have been launched to promote the poetry blog, the last two including one for the song Next Flight and the poem, Mexican Love Song.  More opportunities for readers have been initiated including a free open poetry forum, free offers, along with more people making comments about the poems.

There is more to do, though.  More videos, One goal is to get more readers involved with the opportunities available. More new poems, and starting the book of poems in Spanish.  This is a bulletin board page item for this month. Also on the bulletin board is Valentine’s Day.  There will be more love poems featured this month.

write_on1.jpg Poem of the Month

Easter is coming in a month.  Abouth the time I began using the pen name Elias Tobias, I became an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church (June 7, 1993). I have not done much with this, making a living as a teacher and a journalist.  I have not performed any ceremonies or anything, except write a few religious-oriented poems. A few are already in the My Favorite Poems book or category and other pages on the World of Words by Elias Tobias. These poems include Earth Song, In the Valley of Emotion, Your Love, Calico Creek, The Beauty of Life, Lines of Life and God is my Father, Oh Lord.  A new book or category will be added, called Grace and Glory, to contain these new poems.  The poem of the month is really two poems to begin this book.


Give me a voice so I can proclaim
there’s one Lord at peace’s door
and that His son, Jesus, is the key.
Show me, show me, show me the
scriptures and. what they say.
Give me, give me, give me the
patience to learn your way.

Give me a voice so I can proclaim
there’s one Lord at peace’s door
and that His son, Jesus, is the key.
Show me, show me, show me the
miracles of life everyday.
Give me, give me, give me your
grace when I stop to pray.

Give me a voice so I can proclaim
there’s one Lord at peace’s door
and that His son, Jesus, is the key.
Give me patience to learn your ways.
Fill me with your grace everyday.
Show me, show me, show me the
scriptures and what they say.
Give me a voice so I can proclaim
there’s one Lord at peace’s door,
and Jesus, His only son, is the key.


Help me through the night, Lord,
and I’ll be all right.
My body aches, my heart hurts,
and I know if it were not
for your love and grace I
could not face another day.
All I can do is pray,
in the name of your son, Jesus,
I will see the morning light
from under the covers of my bed.
Lord, I really need the rest.