ArtBrushed Watercolors-Photo Puzzle 2

ArtBrushed Watercolors-Photo Puzzle 2

artbrushedlogo1.jpg  Photo Puzzle


(Photo by Mike Hall)

The Cadillac Ranch Restaurant does cool things with old plates as decorations.  This is the second puzzle photo on the World of Words by Elias Tobias.Click on the photo to get the entire photo. You might want to make a print of it, too.

What is even better is that this picture is puzzle, and if you  CLICK HERE , you can go to this puzzle.  You may want to make a print first so you can see the whole photo before you start the puzzle.  See how long it takes to complete the puzzle. Then use the back arrows to come back to the World of Words by Elias Tobias site for more.  If you want to start at another photo puzzle, go to Artbrushed Photo Puzzles.  This is fun!

Do you have a start of a poem, but the words just aren’t right? Go for help at the Poetry First Aid.


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