Kernels of popcorn are feelings.
The seed has all it needs to become another
many times over in its genetic code.
People make their feelings known at birth
and feelings mature, packaged by society.
A population boom threatens the earth.

Popcorn is sprinkled in a pan of problems,
gets heated by a soul’s unrest and stress,
and feelings expand to the point that they
turn inside out. The scene can get ugly.
Other people feed upon these moments.
In special times, the feelings of love
beyond friendship expand into ecstasy
and the sounds of popcorn hitting the lid
of the pan repeat in irregular rhythm.
Butter and salt make popcorn taste better.

A handful of problems, under the worst of
conditions, can become a bag of uncontrollable
terror and destruction of property and life.
In the best of times, the bag can be filled
with quality name brand memories that
will last even after the movie is over.
Not all the kernels of trouble will pop, though,
while other kernels just will get burned
before they can transform themselves
into exposed feelings ready to devoured.

It is a matter of chance of fate which designs the
destiny of our feelings.


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