World of Words site to celebrate 20th anniversary

World of Words site to celebrate 20th anniversary

Poet Elias Tobias will celebrate 20 years of continuous presence on the Internet with his World of Words poetry blog, and series of articles will appear in 2018 throughout the year on the web site and other social media. The format has changed and features expanded, but the main purpose has been maintained as a forum to promote the poetry by Elias Tobias (
Archives of more than 2500 posts from poems, photographs and short stories in English, French, Spanish and even Arabic are available since 2007 when the blog went to a Word Press format after its initial beginnings with in 1998. All this time, access to the website has been free, even though attempts at advertising through Google did not turn out as expected.
A new logo has been designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World of Words by Elias Tobias, and two weekly posts on social media, the Poem of the Week, which reposts previously published posts, will continue on Mondays and on Fridays, a new poem will continue to be published. Other social media outlets include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts, and the new logo will appear on posts on The World of Words by Elias Tobias along with these media and press releases.
Elias Tobias uses the website as a base to launch the sales of two published books, an anthology of 145 poems called, “Figments of My Reality” and a short story murder mystery, “Five Aces.” Both books came out in July of 2013 and are published by AuthorHouse, Inc. Information on the purchase of these books can be found at The books are also available on and other retail book sellers.
Elias Tobias is the pen name of Michael D. Hall, a former business journal editor for the Laredo Morning Times. Hall has been writing short stories and poetry since his childhood. It was creative writing, and an interest in photography, which lead him to get two degrees in photojournalism and work with publications around the country. A graduate of Ball State University, He has also worked as an educator in Texas and Indiana, a certified computer technician and other positions which inspire his creative writing.


Did you know that Elias Tobias has published two books, and one is an anthology of 145 poems, and the other a short story murder mystery? For complete information about these books and how to purchase them, click here..

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