The Toast

Editor’s Note: Part of me would have liked to have lived in the Old West in the 1860’s until the 1890’s. when the end of the old west happened.  In this poem I imagine myself being a young cowboy at this time in out American history.

The Toast

Here’s a toast to the naked lady
In the painting on this saloon wall.
If it weren’t for this bottle on the
table, I wouldn’t see her at all.
All the answers I need can be
found as I fill my shot glass,
and then I’ll spend some time
with a cute and kind saloon lass..
I have a right for a few drinks
after a 3-month long cattle drive.
They said the pay would be good,
but it was hell to just survive.
After tomorrow, I’ll find my horse
and see what comes my way.
I’ll get a bath and more bullets,
and then find a job here to stay.
There’s a lot of land around here
and also owners of a ranch.
Maybe one of them will give this
lonely cowboy another chance.

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