The Long Way Back Home

The Long Way Back Home

His face was on posters all over the land.
With $2500 on his head, dead or alive,
Leonard” Yancey” Dare was a wanted man.
He once had a good woman who made
A good wife, and also had a son, but
Hadn’t seen both because of his guns.
He killed someone, broke the law
And more, and was living on the run.
Both Yancey and I were together in a
Bloody fight some call a Civil War,
Where there was a lot of killing, and
I don’t remember what we fought for.
Yancey was a person I called a friend,
But now I trailed him to the end.
There was a chance one of his bullets
Could have struck me dead, but the
Old tarnished star on my vest and
My guns were good enough to
Shoot the outlaw in the head.
I took him to where he called home,
And his son, upset, was not alone.
His son has since been all grown up,
Enough to start his own family.
He wondered why Yancey had to
Die so senselessly and violently.
I had to bring him to justice,
As it was my lawfully sworn duty.
I really didn’t want to kill him,
But his guns were pointing at me.
I wanted to bring him home,
The long way back for a final rest.
Yancey was a friend of mine, and
I thought this way was the best.
I tried to make his son, the only
Way I could, to understand that
Yancey was more than an outlaw.
He was a father, friend, and a man.
I was only doing the best I could.
I looked at his son, sitting in
The corner, with a tear in his eye.
I put Yancey’s guns on the table,
And walked away with a “Good-Bye.”


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