LSC Fraternity to get new woman member?

Karen Ladonnavich

Woman real estate executive sponsored for membership in unofficial Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity

For the first time in its history, the unofficial Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity at the World of words by Elias Tobias is considering a woman to be included in its ranks. One of first LSC brother Adrian parker has established himself as a major contributor to the website, and with this nomination, has suggested the all-male fraternity has become more like a professional or honorary type of fraternity.  Parker argued that if the boy scouts can allow girls in cub scouts and females in that organization’s leadership, then the Lambda Sigma Chi’s could include a qualified female.

Parker has nominated Karen Ladonnavich, a real estate executive and manager for a major real estate company with an office in Peoria, Ill., where Parker has been an insurance agency since the 1990’s.  He has successfully built up his agency to the point where he and his wife and four children from their marriage and past marriages have moved to a new house, brokered of course, by Ladonnavich.  By now, most of the children have moved away and started their own families.  The new residence has become “grandpa’s house” and Adrian his considering an early retirement to play the new role as a grandparent.

Parker and Ladonnavich are members of a Peoria -area chapter of an organization called BNI, that stands for Businesses Networking International, which thrives on its members referring business to each other, and the referrals are measured in dollars.  Over the years, the homes Ladonnavich has sold were sometimes insured by Parker’s business, and Parker brought her new clients as well.  As members, they got to know each other as friends and he discovered her hobby of writing poetry.  After a review of her work and other later discussions, Parker has made a formal nomination to include her as a member of the unofficial Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity.

Copies of her portfolio of work have been sent to the other members of the Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity, and the work will be considered for two months.  By the first week of July, the vote of the membership will decide if the all-male group will have its first female member.



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