History Lesson

History Lesson

There once was a popular king, not too long ago,
Who was thought to be able to converse with the gods
And was able to tell what the world was really like,
But the words he spoke were often in strange tongues,
Unlike any language in existence, so his closest advisors
Had the uncomfortable duty to interpret and re-interpret
What the popular king really meant to say so that his
Subjects could apply the meanings to their regular lives.
He was worshiped, and could do nothing wrong.  He
Was rich in every way, and gold was his standard from
The toilet he used to the fleet of cars he owned.
His wealth was gleamed from the people he taxed,
Leaving the lower classes believing they were rich
In the ideas he communicated with the Gods,
But the only way he could receive these messages
Was through the use of special royal medicines
Which he was alone allowed to use, by royal decree.
It was easy to see how others could believe,
For he was the King and could do or say no wrong.
He stayed alive too long, for the kingdom fell
Apart, and his people suffered broken hearts;
And those advisors tried to take advantage
Of their position were soon departed,
Until the day the King died, for he was killed
By one of his loyal followers, poor in spirit,
But rich in bullets which came from a gun,
And then the king was done.

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