New LSC member-Antonio “Tony” Alejandro Martin Gonzales


Tony Gonzales

Antonio “Tony” Alejandro Martin Gonzales

Antonio “Tony” Alejandro Martin Gonzales becomes newest LSC fraternity member

Antonio “Tony” Alejandro Martin Gonzales is the newest and 13th member to be part of the Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity. He is an executive with a tortilla factory owned by his family-third generation management in Carrizozo, New Mexico.. He is 37 years old, and married for 15 years with a-family of three children.

Tony’s grandfather, Martin, started a restaurant, Al Caballero (The Horseman) with his grandmother in early 1950s using her mother’s recipe for tortillas at the restaurant after Martin returned from military service in World War II and businesses was good.  Soon other restaurants came, but the place became known for its tortillas, so they started just making tortillas as a small business for other restaurants who didn’t make their own, including franchises.  The company’s logo is a horse rider.

Business has grown into a factory employing up to 450 people and has an average, $8 million gross each year. Forty percent of  their market goes to local supermarkets, and 60 percent to wholesale markets such as restaurant and foods processors who make precooked Mexican meals.  Tony started working in factory while in his youth and while going to college, moved into lower management,  and  now he is an executive with the company.

Tony is sponsored by LSC member Christopher Benedict, who learned of Gonzales’ writing skills as an editor of a book publishing company.  Benedict is a former journalist, and suggested Tony become part of LSC.  The invitation was accepted, all members voted unanimously for induction into the unofficial organization.

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Here is his debut poem…

The worse thing in the world

The worse thing in the world
Is a poet who doesn’t write.
It’s a time when a vision fall short,
And wonder is longer in sight.
It’s a time when battles are over,
And there are no causes to fight.
It’s a time when blades of swords
Are stronger than a pen’s might.
It’s a time when love seems lost,
And there is no romance at night.
It’s when the obvious is common,
And complacency is considered right.

The worse thing in the world
Is a poet who doesn’t write.
it’s a time when people are too busy
And they are burdened by their plight.
It’s a time when troubles take time,
And the load carried is not light.
It’s a time when emotions grow
And tensions can remain tight.
It’s a time when the present is
Important and future is not bright.
The worse thing in the world
Is a poet who doesn’t write.

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