Country Road

Country Road

Many good songs have been written about me,
But this is the way it is, the reality.
I have a broken yellow line in the middle,
And the line goes to infinity on the flat land.
My name has a directional letters and numbers
That grow bigger the farther away from town.
The pavement is patched from seasonal changes,
And shoulders are softer with dirt and culverts.
Other country roads are parallel to me, and
Sometimes drivers need to stop at intersections.
In the spring, colorful wildflowers grow by the
side of the road before rows of corn are planted.
When it rains, the big drops fall hard, and it stops
As soon as it starts, leaving a rainbow over the fields.
I like to feel the small tires of children’s bicycles
As they take time to enjoy a bright summer day.
The wind blows through trees that grow away from
The pavement, and in the fall, leaves blanket me.
Sometimes in the early morning, a thick fog rolls in
and drivers have a hard time following me, but by
noon, the sun burns the misty clouds away.
I think the reason why songs are composed about me,
Is because I’m a simple way for people to get home.

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