The Stranger

The Stranger

Don’t give in to the cowboy who doesn’t
carry a Bowie or a six-gun,
especially if he seems to be the lonely one.
There probably has a past that is deadly,
and is one son who, if he wanted to, could
easily get things done.
Don’t get in his way, even though he might
not have that much to say.
He is, in his mind, at peace today,
but there may be a violent past in his yesterday.
Still water in the river runs deep,
and there may be nights he doesn’t really sleep.
There may be secret he vowed to himself
to keep, and a reflex action will bring him to his feet.
If you see him walk around the town,
don’t be concerned much about his frown,
for there may be problems keeping him down
and the lines etched in his face are thorns in his crown.
So be just aware by the weight of your stare
when you look at this man with his back to
the corner of the room.

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