The show must go on

The show must go on

Where do you think you’re going,
with your wheels spinning round and round?
Do you know what good choices to make,
or are you lost and can’t be found?
You say this is what you want to do,
or is this just another need?
Is this just a meal for you, or
is this a hunger you have to feed?
You smile and put on a fantastic show
but your façade hides your many fears.
When the lights go down, and people go
You spend time with your tears.
I know what you are going through,
since I’ve been in that place before.
I checked my frown, and put on the
smile as I walked out that door.
It’s alright for you to make mistakes,
but don’t get hurt hitting the floor.
I’ve hit the ground myself once or twice.
Get over all that pride, get up, stand up,
and if you need it, get a bag of ice.


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