The Reunion

The Reunion


Brother Adrian Parker has turned in this poem, reflecting on his past affairs.

The Reunion 

Both you and I made plans in the past,
But we grew older and they didn’t last.
Looking back as if it all were brand new
Is the kind of sight for a crazy fool.

I don’t know why I came to this event.
I guess I wanted to see some old friends.
I wasn’t sure when the invitation was sent.
Maybe it was the wrong choice in the end.

I’ve taken 100 steps forward, now 10 back.
It wasn’t ambition that we both lacked.
You have done well in things you’ve done,
And I have a series of victories I’ve won.

I guess I’ll say goodbye to this old school,
And all the experiences I had here.
I’ll donate more money for the new pool,
And keep the memories of past near.

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