The Double Valentine

School is starting up soon, and students will be making new friends and dealing with others. If there are any teenagers reading this, maybe you will be in this situation.

The Double Valentine

Alex sat down at the kitchen table, and just looked at his breakfast.  “You need to eat something, especially for the first day at the new school,” his mother reminded him.  He looked out of the window.  It was a cold day outside with temperatures in the low 60’s.
“Cheer up, son.  You’ll be making friends just like you have before. No problem,” his father reassured.  His father worked for a computer service and repair company and his father was promoted to a sales director of a new district.  This meant a new house, new neighborhood, new school, and new friends.  He didn’t like being the new kid on the block.
The move from Galveston to Brownsville was like several other moves Alex faced in his 12 years of life.  No moss grows on a rolling stone.  Alex felt as empty as a blank sheet of paper without a pen.  What made his situation worse was the timing.  Moving in late January meant packing in December, and this made Christmas just as exciting as packing and leaving.  He did, however, make up for it since he did receive some expensive presents.  They were just more things to pack to him.
“You better finish soon.  The bus will be here in 20 minutes,” his mother reminded him.
Any problem of his was just as much her problem.
“Making friends is as easy as pie,” she said with an encouraging smile.  Her pointed finger of her right hand gently touched his lips, and he could not resist making a smile.  He soon finished breakfast.
Once on the bus, a boy with curly red hair named Leo introduced himself as soon as Alex sat next to him in the small bench seat.  Leo noticed Alex was in four of his classes when he looked at the new schedule.  They instantly became friends, and Alex got a preview of the new teachers and classes before he actually arrived at Faulk Middle School.  On the bus, he got a look at a certain girl talking at the back of the bus.  “Her name is Yvette,” Leo said.
Along with Leo, Yvette was in several of Alex’s classes.  Most of the time she talked with a girl whom Leo said was named Karla.  Both girls were about the same age, height, weight and both had the same smiles.  Karla was a good friend of Leo’s, too.
Alex and Leo were talking about all sorts of things in gym class, especially Yvette.  Suddenly, from across the room, a taller and strong boy walked up to the two boys.  He looked coldly into Alex’s eyes and simply stated, “Stay away from Yvette.  She’s my girlfriend.”   He paused, and sensing no reaction, walked away.
“That’s Robert, a seventh grader,” Leo said.
“That’s trouble with a capital T,” Alex remarked.
“I’m sure Yvette likes you.  I can tell by the way she looks at you.”  Leo comforted. “I know! I’ll talk with Karla to find out for sure.  I’ll see her at lunch, next period.”
“Karla?”  Alex asked.  He was introduced to many people that day.
“The one who hangs around Yvette all the time,” Leo explained.
“Oh yeah. That’s Karla.”  The bell rang for the next period, which was lunch, and in a blink of an eye, Leo reported to Alex.
“You lucky dog!”  Yvette and Robert broke up last week, he started.
“Robert doesn’t seem to think that,” Alex said.
“You have her in the palm of your hand, Alex.  You just have to let her know how you feel.  You have to tell her yourself, though.  Not me.”   Leo paused.  “Valentines Day is coming up soon.”
“I could do something like…” Alex started.
“Like a very cool card with a love poem or something,” Leo suggested.
“Yeah, but what about Robert?”
“Follow your heart,” Leo said.  “Maybe Karla needs a card from me, too.  Could I borrow your poem?”
“I’ll get you another one,” Alex laughed.
The boys did send their Valentines and both found their girlfriends.  Robert started to go with Tanya, the new eighth grader at the school.

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