The Bitch is Back

The Bitch is Back


Brother Adrian Parker has had a bit of bad luck with the ladies, and he was a handsome  guy in his younger years as his photo below shows. Now with a second wife and a secure job with an insurance company, he looks back at the stormy past with someone-perhaps his first wife.
The Bitch is Back
The world is a burden to her,
not that she really would care.
She as a bad attitude, and
seems to be a whole lot rude.
She is the only one who has
Problems on her mind,
and true friends are hard
for her to find.
She is the center of her
own universe.
Nothing could be worse.
When you walk up to her and
say “hi,’ she just walks on by.
On her island, she is free to
live her life alone eternally.
Every conversation includes
those words “I” and “me.”
Everything she does is done
on her own terms, and working
with others is like touching germs.
She can never accept any form of
compliment because she thinks it’s
some threat with some
mysterious hidden meaning.
Her disgust is seething.
The bitch is back, for a while,
until she leaves with that
fake, condensing smile.


I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the LSC fraternity of writers and those we have accepted beyond our beginnings at Ball State University.  The World of Words by Elias Tobias has become a very popular site with a diverse amount of material, and I am glad to have participate in the collection of poetry on the blog.  I know the effort is takes to sustain such a web interest, and if Elias to have some time off, I support him. There are plenty of words on the site to read already. including my poems.
Adrian Parker

Have you read the childrens story, The Peasant Princess? It is in English, French, Spanish, German, and Arabic.

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