The Fifth Dimension

A poem from Karen Ladonnavich, the LSC’s newest member and also the organization’s first woman member.

The Fifth Dimension

An invisible shield of light surrounds each living thing, a force field of energy which can be sensed beyond the ultraviolet light spectrum. This force, negative or positive, interacts with each other life form, including humans, to create a natural sense of acceptance or rejection.
These feelings, made from the vibrations of the fifth dimension, inspire the passions and emotions which fuel the events of our lives. The objects of my love for you are seen in three dimensions, but the source of my love lies integrated in the invisible world of the fifth dimension.
Your glowing aura has merged with mine, and we are together, even when we apart with the mystical electrical connections of the universe to keep our thoughts traveling telepathically. You know my secrets, and yours are mine moving silently in the fifth dimension.

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