The Difference Between Swords and Words

A poem from Karen Ladonnavich, the LSC’s newest member and also the organization’s first woman member.

The Difference Between Swords and Words

A swift sword helps create an empire,
soiled by the blood of those who rise against it.
The razor-sharp edge keeps people in line,
but over time the metal which supports the edge
loses its strength, and can no longer be trusted.
The edge can get dull, and be easily rusted.
The unity is threatened when the blade can break,
but a new, and more dangerous weapon can
be forged from the mold of the master sword,
and the harmony is restored among the nations,
who have no hate or strife among the people
except for ruling power which controls them.

The sword of the new generation tries to
keep the dynasty alive, but it really cuts down
every chance of successful reign since the
new blades dull even faster than before.
Violence will erupt, and the revolution begins.
Words of peace are spoken by a prophet,
and they are recorded for generations to believe.
Many are still hurt and killed by newer swords,
but the edge gives way to the words of life.
A new era begins with hope for the future.

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