Sun and Rain

Sun and Rain

As I looked through the window, the sun came
From behind some clouds and the ground was
Bathed with light.

The grass was greener, and I could see spots
On the glass that needed to be cleaned.

The darker clouds covered the sun, the wind
Blew the trees around and raindrops that hit
The glass made the spots on the window
Disappear, as if they washed away anything
That needed to be done, but was too hard
Or difficult to deal with.

Then I felt the rain come through the window.
And I wiped by eyes with my hand.

There is so much more I could do, or should
Have tried to do, but some things are hard
To deal with.

Sometimes I need the sun to see the start
Of a new day, and the green grass,
But I like to see the rain, too.

The grass gets greener, and the water cleans
The spots off the windows.

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