cowboyart (Courtesy Illustration)


After many nights of being alone,
With a place for my hat as home,
I saw my best friend shot dead.
Maybe my gunfighter’s life has to end.

Then I thought of coming back to you,
Even last time I thought we’d be through.
I found out, now, you married someone,
And also have a fine 12-year-old son.

Your man had to protect his pride, and
The price he paid was a bullet and died.
Now I can be a role model to your son,
A former gunfighter without a gun.

That boy of yours can learn from me,
And the resemblance is easy to see.
I left you after a fight 12 years ago.
Is there something I need to know?

We could get married and be a family,
And I know your love will set me free.
I’ve carried my love for you for so long,
Like a woman loved in a cowboy trail song.

Maybe a man with my kind of past
Isn’t the person who‘d make love last.
There could be trouble if I would stay
Since challengers would come my way.

My proposal is not just another line.
You can save me from a life of crime.
What are you feeling in your heart?
It can be a place to have a new start.

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