Reflections of an Old Man

Reflections of an Old Man

The old man said a lot of water has
Gone under the bridge in his 86 years,
And then he started to wipe away
A few hidden tears.
He said he had two sons in the War
Between the States, one fought
For the North, the other, the South.
He still doesn’t know or understand
What the violence was all about.
He has never seen their graves
Since each one was buried in
A separate place. He doesn’t
Think it was all about the slaves.
He does know the power of a
A bullet from a gun and that
Shots killed two of his only sons.
Since his wife has passed away,
He is the only living one.
The sons died young, not leaving
Any traces of a family.
Now the Civil War is a few chapters
In our American history.

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