Red Dot Media renamed to One Vision Media Management

Red Dot Media renamed to One Vision Media Management

Indianapolis – Red Dot Media Management has been renamed One Vision Media Management with newly acquired capital and new board members. Red Dot Media Management acquired Sand Castle Productions in January 2010. Sand Castle Productions was originally an organization created by Michael Hall, the owner and webmaster of the “World of Words by Elias Tobias” poetry blog.

One Vision will maintain its availability to produce videos for the World of Words by Elias Tobias’ You Tube channel through an office in Indianapolis, Indiana. For full press release, click Here.

Did you know that Elias Tobias has published two books, and one is an anthology of 145 poems, and the other a short story murder mystery? For complete information about these books and how to purchase them, click here..


QR code for the Elias Tobias Amazon Author Page


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