Next Flight: the song

Next Flight: the song

I went to college at Ball State University at Muncie, Indiana, and spent my freshman year in Edwards Hall.  Because of overbooking the class of 1979, the first quarter was in a three in a two-man room.  When I got a chance to get out of that situation, I had a roommate that was a radio and television major, but was very good at music.  His name was Michael Albright.  I shared a few of my poems with him, and in those days my early poems were typed in a 6-by-8 inch book I kept adding pages to since computers are not what they are like they are now.  That year, 1976, I was still using Olan dey Gabona as my pen name. I didn’t start using my  Elias Tobias until 1990.
One evening I checked out a good cassette recorder from the library and arranged for Mike to meet me in the lounge at the hall’s piano.  He looked through the poems, and I though he would pick a poem that be more of a song, but to within minutes he read the poem, Next Flight, and I could see the notes dancing in his head.  Like some things in life,there is one take, and this was one those times.
I have since had the song’s notes put down on paper, and had the music, words, and the written song copyrighted. But this was done several years later, near the time I graduated.   That summer of 1976,  Mike had car problems on a highway hear his home in Anderson, Indiana, near Muncie.  He was walking back to his home at night.  A drunken driver crossed the center line, and hit him, running over his legs.  He bled to death, and the driver was never found to my knowledge.
There was a song by Elton John out around this time called Rocket Man, and this poem has that kind of point of view.  I thought it was ironic that he chose the poem with the words, “take me on the next flight to earth.”
I hope you enjoy the song.
Check out the video:  here

Next Flight

Take me on the next flight to earth;
it is the only home, I know.
It’s where good people are
and big oak trees grow.
It’s a place where people are
rhyming rhymes.
It’s a place without moving time.
Take me on the next flight  to earth;
It’s  a place filled of good
times of yesteryear,
not as place of nuclear fear.
Take me on the next flight back
to earth, I long to be near.

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