Make a Sand Castle

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Make a Sand Castle

What can you do now to help
bring peace to this world?
You can smile a while, instead of frown.
That brings people down.
Become part of the community instead
of a couch potato watching
those events on TV.
When someone truly needs help, give
them a hand, and see where they land.
From one small seed the gift will grow,
and others will learn how much love will show
even more how much better this place can be.
There will be those who will attack this philosophy,
but killing, violence and hatred only brings death,
destruction and loss of personal property.
Donation requests come in the mail daily,
and you say you don’t have enough money,
since you have enough just to survive
or get through the week.
Investigate before you invest in a charity,
since giving to all good ones is an impossibility.
Know that the answer to an argument is
not a bullet from a gun, and after the
embers of anger cool down, the damage
cannot be undone. Holes are left the walls
of people’s lives who are shattered,
who then suffer in the present.
People are not that much different,
though some see separate colors or gender.
The world would be much better if all
lives matter and we could get along.
Drugs, legal or illegal, are not an
escape from reality, and their abuse spreads
like a cancer to bring other problems
in this world, your community.
What can you do now to help
bring peace to this world?
Start with people you know, your friends
or your family. Be aware, care,
And take on some extra responsibility.
Take one day, one moment of sharing,
one step at a time, and the mountains of
obstacles can be reduced to stones
washed by the Sea of Tranquility into mere
sand pebbles on a beach.
Then it’s to celebrate and make a sand castle.

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