If you have seen an alien or a landing UFO,
Then that is where the Men in Black will go.
They will demand answers to what you know,
And evidence for proof will never be shown.
The thin men dressed in dark suits, thin ties,
Dark hats and dark sunglasses aren’t shy,
Their pale faces sport a grin gone awry
Like a thin mask from the five and dime.
You hear them when their lips don’t move,
And it’s strange, like they are aliens, too.
They say we must comply with the rules,
As part of some government bureau tool.
They seem to appear before anyone else,
Even when the sighting is seen by yourself.
Any proof is seized to be put on some shelf.
Quickly they are gone with uncanny stealth.
The M.I.B  figures were made into movies,
And actors played what were just stories,
But to some with visits, the script was boring,
For the truth is real, secret, and soaring.
So any weather balloons that glow in the night
To the M.I.B. are just a normal, everyday sight.
Whatever you witnessed can never be right,
And they make sure your lips stay tight.


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Elias Tobias Poetry

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