January 2010 newsletter

January 2010 newsletter


Newsletter for the World of Words by Elias Tobias


Lambda Sigma Chi Fraternity initiate new member

The brothers of Lambda Sigma Chi Fraternity featured on the World of Words by Elias Tobias, had a 10-year reunion in Indianapolis in December.  Adrian Parker, Bill Kelso, Paul Abernathy, C.J. Chatham III, Rufus McDougal, Christopher Benedict and new member Karl Dobson brought their families for a two-day get together and to meet the pledge who was initiated into fraternity -Brian Kohut.

brian-kohut.jpg       Brian Kohut is sponsored by Brother C.J. Chatham, III. Kohut has worked with him on several occasions on a professional level. Kohut is from New Jersey, but now has office in Philadelphia. Pa., for last 18 or so years. He was in the U.S. Army with a Special Forces unit after high school and in military service for about 16 years, until an injury in Bosnia shattered his right knee and he was honorably discharged.  Much of his past is classified, but he went to a community college and earned Associates Degree, on G.I. Bill for Criminal Investigations while he worked security for several firms.  Kohut received his Private Investigator’s license and began his business.  He has since gone on to get a masters degree in criminology.

Kohut is a health advocate, like exercises- especially. Bicycling and also skiing. He met C.J.  Chatham at a vacation while skiing in Vermont in 2006. Kohut likes to cook, especially making healthy meals lower in fat and carbs from older favorite recipes.  Kohut likes cooking shows for this reason and has taken a few classes to be a better cook.  Also likes wine, in moderation.

Kohut is divorced, and has one child, a teenage daughter, who has lived with him past three years. Daughter, Dalia (DOB 1994) was in mother’s custody for one year.  Brian met Stephanie , his wife, when he was recuperating from knee surgery (1991-92) and then both of them were going to the same community college. They married in 1993 after knowing each other for 1 year.  They divorced in 2005 after 12 years of marriage.  The time spent with his job took its toll on the union.


Rev. Paul Abernathy to start column on World of Words

Rev. Paul Abernathy, one of the founders and original members of  unofficial Lambda Sigma Chi Fraternity at Ball State University, will be starting a column, “All Things Considered,” as part of the World of Words this year.  His columns will appear on Saturday of each week, if the copy comes in on time.

After nearly three years in a new blog format and up to seven posts a week, The World of Words will not publish any posts Thursday. The number of poems in the catalog of work by Elias Tobias not already posted has been reduced, and the two-day reduction will ensure enough poems will be posted for the whole year.  Thursday’s poems in 2009 were largely those previously published, but those are now a part of the online collection.  The multi-national translations will continue along with poetry from the Boys from the Lambda Sigma Chi fraternity.  Friday will have the photo posting as in 2009.


 Join the World of Words Official Fan Club

Be a part of the World of Words official fan club. The webmaster of the World of Words by Elias Tobias has created the Official Fan Club Web Site for the poetry blog. Millions of people come to the poetry and photography blog every month, and comments received have been positive. The Fan Club Web site is free, and those who want to join are urged to register for the main site with the link in the bottom right portion of the page.

The World of Words by Elias Tobias Official Fan Club web site is for those who want more from Elias Tobias and read all there is on the web blog.   The Fan Club has  many added benefits and the goal  of the fan club is to create a true community of the webs site’s readers. Benefits include a personal blog by Elias Tobias called Between the Lines, Faces and Places, the Exponet Insider, free downloads and free classified ads for those who register.To get to the the Elias Tobias World of Words Fan Club web site for registered users, click here.

Get The Exponet newsletter print edition

The latest edition January 2010 Exponet, the official newsletter of The World of Words,  is available in PDF format, can can be send to any specific email address upon request.  To request a printed edition, contact the webmaster at contact@eliastobias.net.

“A New Start” Theme for January

January is the first month of the year, a time of resolutions and later in the Spring, rebirth.  It’s all about starting over. Out with old ways and implementing something new and hopefully, better. I’ve started over with new jobs, new locations, almost as if I’ve reinvented myself to fit the situation. It begins with the start of a new year.

The theme of poetry for the month of January 2010 is “A New Start,” for all daily posts.

Videos on You Tube from the World of Words by Elias Tobias tap into the many faces of the poetry blog.

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