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To be a success in any venture, it helps to know people, the insiders. The new International Poetry Link Exchange at the World of Words by Elias Tobias may help those promising poets the initial exposure needed.

Thousands of people around the world have their own poetry blobs or Web sites.  Most cable companies or providers that provide Internet service have a part of the service which allows customers to create at least one personal Web site. Independent hosts have free or low cost web site opportunities what are create to be poetry Web site.

This page is dedicated as an international poetry link exchange to create a network of links for those who have poetry Web site or other link exchanges.  Readers are offered a free opportunity to have other appropriate links on this Web blog in exchange for placing a link for the World of Words by Elias Tobias on their Web blog or site.

This Exchange is a companion page to the existing Poetry Links Page on the World of Words at

To get started with the International Poetry Link Exchange, all that needs to be done is simply send an e-mail to contact(at)eliastobias(dot)com and request a link exchange.  Include your name, and the name of the site along with the link to be exchanged.  Also include at attachments of art, photos, or logos to go along with the exchange link.  The site will be checked out, and if approved, will be posted on the Exchange page.

That’s it, except to post the link on the other Web blog or site once the site is on the exchange page.The sites are listed below.

Pagence Press features the short form prose and poetry of Benjamin Dean. This poetry focuses on zen, taoism, freedom, enlightenment, self-development & observation. Website URL:

Winning Writers finds and creates resources for poets and writers. Get access to detailed profiles of over 150 quality free poetry contests when you subscribe to our free email newsletter. Our larger premium database, Poetry Contest Insider, profiles over 750 poetry contests. Go

Noah Champoux has a poetry blog called Noah the great at  His Web site is
Most of what I write is in character- the political pieces being the only ones that are not. The rest though, should be seen as no different than like songs heard on the radio…and if someone believes the songs heard on the radio are real, and are not in almost all cases written in character-then they must also believe we for example, all actually do live in a yellow submarine- Rex Cox.


Caroline Gill has a poetry blog at and it is part of a larger Internet site with photographs at She has approximately a hundred poems (at the last count)  that have appeared in print and a few on the blog. Her Web site features handmade and photographic greetings cards. Her pictures include coastal scenery, especially in South Wales and Cornwall. There are also flowers and other subjects.

Got Yang?  Aareet has an interesting collection of poetry, prose, book review and quotes/quips to muse the mind at his Web site at:  He started the blog in May of 2007.

jack-sender-hat.jpg     The Warming Trend
Jack Sender. has a poetry site called The Warming Trend at He has nearly 80 poems about things just for fun, life, nature, about poetry, with frogs, practically science and the sea, along with his favorite poems.

Literature Blogs - Blog Top Sites

Live Magazine NYC

Live Mag! is a biannual event/performance publication which takes place at the Bowery Poetry Club, hosted by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright. Poems are collected by audience members and read by guest editors. Previous editor guests have included Hannah Winarsky, editor of Princeton University Press, William Electric Black of La Mama Etc., Michael Andre of Unmuzzled Ox . Erika Jo Brown, editor of Stretching Panties Magazine, Bob Holman of the Bowery Poetry Press and Gary Parrish of Farfalla Press.   To get to the site, go to

worldofpoets-logo.jpg     World of

Do you love to read and write poetry? Looking for honest reviews and comments on your poems? Would you like to be a part of a community of poets? Do you want to improve your writing skills? Are you motivated by recognition, awards, prizes and contests. Do you want poetry resources at your fingertips? If so, they try a trial membership with the World of

The Mystery of Things


Life certainly is a mystery, even with all that we plan and anticipate. D. Karlan has recently begun a poetry blog called “The Mystery of Things,” and is off to a good start.  To get to this poetry blog, click on the box with her logo or go to

Anne Sharpe has “Poeticambles” with original poems, quotations and links at  “I write for the sheer pleasure of giving expression to some of the thoughts passing perpetually through my mind,” she writes from her home page.


Vertigo is a new blog started by Camron Millhouse, started this month, May 2013. Check out the start-up at

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