Brother Karl Dobson, a student of history and a journalist, reflects on one of his specialty topics he has researched.

Why were they called savages, who maimed and killed
while other countries and cultured people took their land.
They fought for their religion and their way of life which
lasted for thousand of years, and attacked to make their stand
Open wilderness without titles or deeds was claimed by people,
despite their nation of origin, who were just “white man.”

In the battles and wars that were fought, it was hard to tell
by the violence that occurred who was right and wrong.
Emotions on both sides were fueled with lies and guns,
and acts of vengeance carried through generations-long.
When the reservations on poor land for crops made them
lose hope, the system was threatened by Ghost songs.

Now there is this country, America, from sea to shining sea
where anyone, even the American Indians, are now “free.”

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