Fall Photo Gallery 2013

Fall Photo Gallery 2013

Every year I try to get out of town and go to place to capture the beauty of the changing seasons. On Sunday, Oct. 13,  Patty and I went to Ouabache State Park on State Route 201, southeast of Bluffton, Indiana.  The name for the park was pronounced “Wabash” by the Miami Indians in what is now Wells County.  The fall color season was a bit early for Northern Indiana, but with my new employment, time to take these photos happened this week. National park visits were closed due to the temporary government shutdown.  I climbed the 100-foot fire tower during the trip to get a better view of the park, too.   Out of 70 images taken that day, here is a sample of what I saw.  Click on any of the images to see them bigger.


(Photos by Mike Hall)

Leaves are changing by the Lodge Recreational Building at Ouabache State Park.


There are still plenty of green trees among the red leaves, which standout.


A variety of colors are at the entrance of the camping areas.


A view from the fire tower show the mix of colors of the trees along with the visible low Kunkel Lake, usually a place for swimming, boating, and fishing.


A close-up of the lake bed details the lack of sustained rainfall in the area.


Ouabache State Park has a wildllife exhibit of American Bison, or buffalo, which are native to Indiana.


The blue sky becomes a background to backlit leaves in the afternoon sun.


Trees lining the Salamonie Reservoir are changing their colors  at the Mount Etna State Recreational Area, west of the park along State Route 124.

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