Decision, Decisions

Decision, Decisions

Decision, decisions…
what should I do?
People are all around,
all except for you.
I need some help.
I don’t know what to think.
Frustration mounts.
An instant’s gone in a blink.
Should I tell the truth,
or may I could lie.
I could always move.
It’s easy to say goodbye.

Everything has a price,
and can easily be sold.
Some new is used,
and becomes old.

Really need my wheels,
and payment’s due today.
I ask my boss for help,
but I don’t get a raise.
I earn whatever i get.
That’s what she says.
Strictly minimum wage,
and not a penny less.

The solution is solved.
I’ll stay on my feet.
But there’s a problem.
What and when do I eat?
What will it cost?
Do you have the time?
Have to hustle just
to make another dime.

Found a four-leaf clover.
Thought I’d get some luck.
The green never turned
into a million bucks.
I ‘ll go back to school,
and get a college degree.
I could be a teacher
and teach photography.

Have to plan the future,
while I lose the past.
Songwriters say to
make the morning last.
God is everywhere,
and The Bible is the Way.
His words are the truth,
a real guide for today.
Decision, decisIons …
What’s life all about?
There is so much to see,
and so much to doubt.

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