The train used to stop here twice a day,
but it doesn’t stop in Corridor anymore.
Commercial cars carry all kinds of goods
to warehouses and then to box stores.
There were lots of people and businesses,
and for a small town, there was much to do.
Construction companies built all the houses,
the Post Office, and the new high school, too.
The passenger trains would stop at the depot
and then people would arrive and depart.
At times, soldiers in uniforms would wait,
and say last goodbyes to their sweethearts.
Then main street became part of the highway,
and lots of cars would roll through town.
Gas stations, repair and tire shops, motels
seemed to turn the lives of people around.
There were several small restaurants open,
each with their hometown food specialty.
The Bulletin was the only newspaper around,
and it listed movies teenagers could see.
Then highway traffic went to the interstate,
and the shops and businesses closed down.
People needed to find jobs elsewhere, and
they moved their families out of town.
The newspaper was sold and it also stopped.
The Pavilion, the movie theater, closed
because of its out-of-town competition.
The decline of the once-vibrant town showed.
The train depot, which became a restaurant,
was part of an effort to save part of history,
But there was no interest or funds available,
and a bulldozer made a rubble of former glory.
A petition was used to save to Post Office,
and it is used by those who decided to stay.
The main businesses now are convenient stores,
who sell gas to get lost travelers on their way.

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