Concert version of Next Flight

Concert version of Next Flight

animatedbabygrandpiano1.GIFOut of the hundreds of poems I have written, one of the more special poems is “Next Flight”  since it is the only one of my poems that I know for sure was made into a song.  The music was written by Michael Albright during my first year at Ball State University.  He was one of my roommates that year, and the summer of the lat first year, he died in a traffic accident.  The more detailed story and a video I made a while back is available at Next Flight: the Song.

I decided to make a concert version as if he was alive to sing the song to hundreds of people, and this is what I finished up with.  It is not stereo since the master was recorded on a cassette recorder I got from the BSU library.

To hear this version, click on the link below. It will take you another page, and then click on the link again. A dialogue box will appear asking to play the file in .wma format, the regular music format for windows systems (The MP3 version took too much space to load here.)   If you like it, you can download it, too, for free and send it to your friends.

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