By the Numbers

By the Numbers


Brother Bill Kelso has found a woman his style through his professional acquaintances, and by this little poem, is not in a hurry to go anywhere.

By the Numbers

And then she said,
“I love you.”
Then I said,
“I love you, two.”
“I love you three.”
“I love you four, and
Love you more.”
“I love you five.”
“And I love you six.”
“I love you seven.”
“I love you eight, and
If we don’t leave now,
We’ll  be late.”
“I love you nine.”
“I love you ten,”
And then we
Started all over again.


I have found great pleasure being a member of the Lambda Sigma Chi’s , and a part of the World of Words by Elias Tobias.  I enjoy reading the poems and on occasion, contributing to the collection of the body of work on the poetry blog. I can believe it has been 13 years since E.T. started this and it has grown and matured into a solid Internet fixture for all to enjoy.  I though the poem submitted today brings a happy ending to my small part on the World of Words by Elias Tobias.  I know he won’t stop writing, but  to keep this blog for 13 continuous years has taken some effort.
Bill Kelso
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