A Real Rock and Roll Love Song

A Real Rock and Roll Love Song

I would like to get to know you better,
but I really think I should go.
My short break is almost over, and I
need to get ready for another show.
I have a good feelng about you, and you
have changed me more than you know.
On stage, I sing my songs to the fans,
and I feel the heat from the lights.
On this tour, I sing the same songs
in a different city every night.
I like to be with the guys on the road,
and work hard to make things right.
But there is restless feeling in my heart,
a sense something needs to change.
In spite my musical talent or ability,
I know that thing won’t happen on stage.
It’s the time away from this place
I know that neeeds to be rearranged.
After what little time I had with you,
you may be the answer to my prayers.
I am surounded by those who need me,
but I need someone who really cares.
I put my feelings in these songs,
But some emotions are hard to share.
For some unexpected reason, these
feelings I have for you are strong.
So take these passes to the VIP
section; the concert won’t be long.
Listen to the words from my heart,
a real rock and roll love song.


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