A Blue Dragonfly


 Photo by Mike Hall

In my quest to get more diverse selection of Indiana wildflowers, I returned to a place where I had taken a plant I didn’t have before.  It had rained that day, and the purple bloom had closed shut.  (The photos I found elsewhere had it  showing a pink-purple colored bloom). 

Two days later I went to the  same spot, and like several situations, the area had been mowed. No more horse nettle to be found by a small drainage pond.  I didn’t want to waste the special trip to this place,  and wanted to take a photograph. Then I saw this dragonfly return to the same brown stem several times.  It was as though it was posing for me. I set the camera for macro, and got this clear, detailed, unedited, uncropped shot of the thing. I don’t know what kind it is, but maybe that doesn’t matter.  Just getting the shot counts, so other people could see that moment of time happening only less than five minutes away from busy five-lane road.

If anyone know what kind of dragonfly it is, just out of curiosity, me me know at contact(at)eliastobias(dot)net.

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